Link 19 Nov 1 note I've Made A New Blog»

I’m serious this time. I want this to grow and be relatively popular. I think what I focus on in this new blog is something that is lacking from public discussion, at least from the perspective of a college student. 

Check it out. For the non-Wordpress users, please follow me via email. I won’t inundate your inbox with useless posts. I think what you’ll find will be worth reading.

Link 27 Oct Mississippi's Probable New Abortion Law... »

check out the reader comments below the article. some interesting points for sure.

Text 24 Oct Almost all GPS/phone/computer voices in the world are female

"One notable exception has been Germany, where BMW was forced to recall a female-voiced navigation system on its 5 Series cars in the late 1990s after being flooded with calls from German men saying they refused to take directions from a woman"


Photo 23 Oct The original seven American astronauts.

The original seven American astronauts.

Text 17 Oct 2 notes I’m Voting for Ron Paul

Anybody who has the balls to COMPLETELY ELIMINATE:

1. Department of Justice Programs

2. Juvenile Justice Programs

3. Community Oriented Policing Systems

4. Food for Peace Grants

5. Research and Education Activities

6. Foreign Agricultural Services

7. Supplemental Nutrition for Women and Children

8. Dep. of State Int’l Organizations and Conferences

9. Dep. of State Int’l Drug Programs

10. Dep. of Energy

11. Dep. of Housing and Urban Development

12. Dep. of Commerce

13. Dep. of Interior

14. Dep. of Education

Has enough balls to bang our country back into shape with an iron fist. Ron Paul, 2012.

Text 11 Oct politics

Just watched the second Republican Debate. A few thought:

1. If John McCain had run with Bachmann instead of Palin, he would have won.

2. Mitt Romney knows nothing and is grasping at straws.

3. Herman Cain and Newt Gingrich as President and Vice-President, will beat Obama-Biden.

4. Ron Paul is smart but so goofy he will never be elected.

Photo 7 Oct just wanna be like him :(

just wanna be like him :(

Link 6 Oct worldwide tributes to Steve Jobs»
Video 4 Oct

……these are a few of my favorite things…..

Text 3 Oct poem by a dead boy

Now I’m gone but where will I go 

I say what’s on

Up in the sky or just hit a down fall…

My mine at this point in my life and (mine) could be cut short any time

So before I go let me say bye.

- written by Javion Blake, 16, before being shot to death on a street in Boston last sunny Sunday by a person on a bike. 

full story here

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